Sports massages

Sports massage is a structured set of appropriate massage grasps that help athletes to get rid of fatigue or to prepare for the maximum performance. Therapeutic sports massage speeds up the healing process of certain diseases and especially injuries of athletes.

Tomáš Dřímal, team massager of the Czech athletic representation: „It is important to follow certain rules to perform the massage properly. Knowing all the groups and types of massage grasps is not enough, not even knowing how to skilfully and properly perform them. An accurate sports massage consisting of all these elements emerges only if the grasps are performed in the correct, arranged order. During the sports massages I also use the effect of reflexive massages.“

Regenerative massage

We recommend regenerative massages in cases of
• muscle strain and pain
• extreme overburden at work or during sport performances
• headaches, migraines, fatigue or stress

It helps to
• regenerate and relax the body
• improve blood circulation in the lymphatic system
• strengthen the immune system

Regenerative massage has comprehensive and positive impact on the whole organism, it helps the body to get rid of increased tension. It reduces fatigue, stress and speeds up regeneration. The massager´s grasps are slower, in accordance to the breath frequency of the person he is massaging.




We recommend physiotherapy in the cases of

• joints and muscle strain caused by unequal burdening of head, trunk and limbs at work or during sport
• condition after an injury or a disease
• psychological or working stress

The physiotherapist uses manual therapeutic method of finding the problematic spots such as joint blockades and muscle spasms by palpation. Pressure on specific trigger points initiates the relaxation of the particular muscles, increases blood flow in certain areas and subsequently improves joint mobility.

Sports diagnostics

Sports diagnostics


Sports diagnostics in the PowerFit centre is a complex physical examination that reveals your actual physical condition and helps to focus your training correctly.

Diagnostics of the musculoskeletal apparatus determine which muscles are weak and should be strengthened, and vice versa, which are shortened and should be stretched instead of further loading. It is possible to determine the spots where aches and pains originate, for instance ache of neck, back, knees or head

Diagnostic examination in PowerFit studio:

1. Interview (basic information about the client)

2. Inspection reveals the overall symmetry of the upper and lower body and left-right symmetry, the distribution of fat layers, position your feet and the stability of the whole body.

3. Tests of muscle shortening in warm and quiet environment.

4. Strength of abdomen muscles examination by a muscle test during which the examined person performs a slow flexion of the body while lying on the back.

5. Movement stereotypes examination complements obtained information about the client´s overall state; it reveals muscle weakness and imbalance through the implementation of basic movements.

6. Hypermobility examination is performed only in cases when the previous examinations caused a suspicion that the client has joint hypermobility.

7. BODYMETRIX is an innovative system for measuring the body composition based on ultrasound measurements - adipometer that displays information about the current condition of the muscle tissue, subcutaneous fat and deep fat and also recommendations about diet and exercises. Due to regularly repeated measurements throughout the training, it is possible to clearly observe the changes that occur in the client´s body.

Bodymetrix offers a range of functions:

• Percentage of body fat 

• Body scanning (observing fat loss and muscle growth)
• Measuring thickness in specific points 

• Recording and comparisons of measurement history 

• WHR (waist-hip ratio)
• Determination of BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

• Calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) 

• Relative health risks 

8. The final outcome serves for individualization of the exercises schedule. The diagnostic examination should be repeated always after a specified training period and by comparison with the previous result it should help to evaluate the achievements.

Nutrition consultations

Nutrition consultations



• Comprehensive guidance
• Individualized dietary guidance
• Acquiring healthy eating habits
• Understanding the relationship between nutrition and sports
• Feedback
• Special price packages

Proper nutrition and eating habits are essential for our health, sport and body shaping. Its impact on our weight and figure is up to 70%, 20% is affected by sports and 10% by genetics.

Our goal is to teach you how to eat properly and help you to improve eating habits so that you will be able to meet the goals you set and maximize their results.

Our nutritional counselling is based on the information about your individual lifestyle. A part of the consultation is a nutrition questionnaire you need to fill in before seeing the nutrition consultant. In order to gain maximal efficiency, we recommend you to take the advantage of our offer of the price packages and come for at least three visits.

Sports nutrition
Consultations focused on sports nutrition are intended for active and professional athletes to support, develop and optimize their sport performance, as well as to provide faster muscle recovery after the performance. The subject of the consultation is to map the existing eating habits, eliminate mistakes and shortcomings and focus on improving the results. You will learn what to eat before and after exercise, how to eat during the day, or how to store energy in case you are expecting a larger energetic output (for instance before a race, workshop, etc.). The aim is to uplift your overall physical fitness, enhance your immunity and improve regeneration of your body.

Slimming nutrition
Consultation aimed at reducing diet is intended for those who are vainly struggling with overweight. Do you exercise regularly, are you on diet and still you cannot lose weight? Maybe you make a mistake in something. The aim of this consultation is to identify and correct these mistakes. For this purpose we will analyse information from the nutrition form. We will help you to correct eating habits in order to make you feel better, have more energy and vigour for exercises and especially your new nutrition plan will help you to lose the extra pounds. Together we can find a long-term and effective strategy with certain results.

In PowerFit studio you can find a shop offering suitable nutritional supplements and sports equipment from The shop also serves as a distribution point for the online shop.